IMO requirements for PH of exhaust gas cleaning systems

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The wash water pH must meet one of the following requirements and the results recorded in the vessel’s EGCS Technical Manual (ETM) as applicable (Resolution MEPC.184(59)):


Chairman warns: Low sulphur fuels will impact the business of port reception facilities

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MEPC 280(70) decided, after the assessment of fuel oil availability that the fuel oil standard (0.50% m/m) shall become effective on 1 January 2020. This means that outside the special areas, ships should use low sulphur fuels (max. 0.5%S) or alternative fuels such as LNG, LPG, methanol etc., or use exhaust gas cleaning systems in combination with high sulphur fuels (as long that the systems meets the 0.5%S requirements.


Scrubbers cause rise in pipe repairs

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Underwater repair specialist Hydrex has noted an increase in work on pipes and overboard outlets of ships that have had exhaust gas cleaning systems (or ‘scrubbers’) fitted.


What does the ocean do for us?

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There are many ways the ocean is important, some more obvious than others


The London P&I Club has highlighted new stricter China regulations on solid waste imports, and warned in particular about the stiff penalties that been put in place recently

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With the increasing awareness of environmental protection in China, the Chinese government issued more and more strict regulations to prevent and control pollution, including enhancing solid waste importation control,” London P&I said in a circular to members.