ECO-OIL and TRADEBE: Two Euroshore members engaged into the Atlantic Blue Port Services Project

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ECO-OIL and TRADERE are part of the 24 partner consortium from the Atlantic Area “Blue Port Services”. This interregional cooperation is funded by the European Union and addresses the issue of ships effluents, in particular oiled water and ballast water.


African Circle gets new patrol boats to curtail pollution

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Poised to continuously control plastic pollution on Nigerian waters, African Circle Pollution Management Limited (ACPML) has procured two more patrol boats, making five in its fleets.


The introduction of the Global Sulfur by 01.01.2020. PSC performs regular inspections with a focus on Sulfur limits

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As fuels with different sulphur content are in use on board ships, compliance with the limit of the ECAs can be a challenge for the crew. Beside the global 0.50% sulphur cap – entering into force in 2020, and already in force in Chinese waters – emissions control in several ECAs with a 0.10% sulphur limit are already in place.


Five Ballast Water-related predictions for 2019

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Where there is a regulation, there must follow an example being made of the rule breakers to get the word out about the regulation. Therefore, I make the sad prediction that more ships will be detained and more crew arrested in 2019.


HSFO in 2020 could contain 4.2% Sulfur prior to scrubber treatment: CONCAWE

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The level of sulfur in marine fuel, before it passes through an exhaust gas cleaning system, or scrubber, could rise from current levels to 4.2% in 2020, an industry expert said.