• 1500€ for new members for the 1st year
  • 3000€ from the 2nd year

Agree with the Code of Conduct + copy of the environmental permit, demonstrating that the company is active in waste collection of ships or/and in waste treatment.

Ordinary members may be

  • national associations or organisations that look after the interests of enterprises that engage professionally in the reception, storage, treatment and disposal of the different types of ships’ waste.
  • business members, being enterprises that engage professionally in the removal and processing of (hazardous or other) wastes from ships; they shall only be admitted as members in so far as in the country, where these enterprise(s) is/are established, there is not yet a national association or organisation that looks after the interests of the above-mentioned enterprises.

General Conditions

  1. Our invoices are ready payable and have to be protested by registered mail within 8 days after invoice date.
  2. All due and outstanding amounts will be increased by right and without further notice with an intrest of 1.5% per full month starting after expiry date.
  3. In case of non-payment of any due and outstanding amounts upon expiry date, the invoice amount will be increased by right with 15%.
  4. In case of disputes, legal suits will be held in the applying Court in Antwerp
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PDF icon Code of Conduct99.61 KB