Clean Arctic Alliance warns for the use of scrubbers in Arctic Area’s

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Scrubbers Are Not the Perfect Solution – for the Arctic or Anywhere


The Ocean Is a Major Influence on Weather and Climate

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Indeed, the ocean dominates the world's climate, driving three global cycles: water, carbon and energy.


Netherlands: public prosecutor claims penalties up to 750.000€ and prison sentences against managers of six companies for the dismantling of ships on the beaches of India and Turkey

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The public prosecutor in the Netherlands states that suspects have broken the European rules for the export of waste. The managers are active in the Seatrade concern.


A closer look at the Sohar Industrial Port of Oman advertising campaign

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Sohar Port designed a special campaign poster, which shows an underwater view of a beautiful coral reef.


Sohar Port’s plan to make Oman a cleaner, greener nation

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Sohar Port and Free Zone in Oman has reinforced its green credentials by initiating  a recycling initiative for plastics, glass and paper