Scrubbers cause rise in pipe repairs

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Underwater repair specialist Hydrex has noted an increase in work on pipes and overboard outlets of ships that have had exhaust gas cleaning systems (or ‘scrubbers’) fitted.


What does the ocean do for us?

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There are many ways the ocean is important, some more obvious than others


The London P&I Club has highlighted new stricter China regulations on solid waste imports, and warned in particular about the stiff penalties that been put in place recently

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With the increasing awareness of environmental protection in China, the Chinese government issued more and more strict regulations to prevent and control pollution, including enhancing solid waste importation control,” London P&I said in a circular to members.


Clean Arctic Alliance warns for the use of scrubbers in Arctic Area’s

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Scrubbers Are Not the Perfect Solution – for the Arctic or Anywhere


The Ocean Is a Major Influence on Weather and Climate

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Indeed, the ocean dominates the world's climate, driving three global cycles: water, carbon and energy.


Netherlands: public prosecutor claims penalties up to 750.000€ and prison sentences against managers of six companies for the dismantling of ships on the beaches of India and Turkey

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The public prosecutor in the Netherlands states that suspects have broken the European rules for the export of waste. The managers are active in the Seatrade concern.


A closer look at the Sohar Industrial Port of Oman advertising campaign

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Sohar Port designed a special campaign poster, which shows an underwater view of a beautiful coral reef.


Sohar Port’s plan to make Oman a cleaner, greener nation

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Sohar Port and Free Zone in Oman has reinforced its green credentials by initiating  a recycling initiative for plastics, glass and paper


Damen’s Ballast Water Treatment Service Available In Eight Northern European Ports

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Ship owners are now able to treat their unmanaged ballast water or load cleaned ballast water in eight different Northern European ports using Damen’s unique IMO certified InvaSave ballast water management system.


Euroshore meets with PENAF in Brussels

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Ports Environmental Network Africa (PENAf) is a non-profit organization aiming to improve environmental performance in African ports. By creating a platform PENAf wants to stimulate discussions, exchange information and experiences, and find practical solutions to environmental challenges facing African ports and wants to help them increase effective, efficient, and proactive environmental management and performance.


Euroshore welcomes new member: PROCESOIL SL Spain

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Procesoil SL is market leader in North West Spain managing and recovering hazardous waste (hydrocarbon derivatives). It collects ship generated waste in La Coruna and Ferrol. Its know how, experience and expertise, continued investment in the improvement and expansion of its production facilities, and annual sales’ increase make it one of the companies with the greatest potential in the sector.


Football fields made with artificial grass are a serious risk for soil pollution

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The soil around and under artificial grass fields in the Netherlands is seriously polluted with zinc, cobalt, mineral oils and other hazardous waste. The pollution is the result of the use of rubber as scatter material under the grass layer.