Football fields made with artificial grass are a serious risk for soil pollution

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The soil around and under artificial grass fields in the Netherlands is seriously polluted with zinc, cobalt, mineral oils and other hazardous waste. The pollution is the result of the use of rubber as scatter material under the grass layer.


Tackle floating debris in rivers to decrease waste in oceans

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Rivers flowing from inland areas to the seas have increasingly been identified as major transporters of marine litter


Euroshore extends with new member: IND-EKO D.O.O. CROATIA

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For 20 years Ind-Eko has been collecting vast experience in all areas of industrial environmental protection and has become a key contributor to resolving complex environmental issues in Croatia.


ABS report: Ballast water treatment systems are problematic

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The Ballast Water Management Convention, entering into force on September 8, 2017, requires seagoing vessels to install a ballast water treatment system on board. By treating ballast water, which is taken in for safety and navigational reasons, shipowners try to prevent the introduction of alien invasive species that destroy local ecosystems in ports and coastal areas, where they pump the ballast water overboard.


Rotterdam's LNG Bunkering Option D expands

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The shipping industry is exploring new fuel types in order to meet stricter emissions standards. As from January 1, 2020 seagoing vessels should meet the 0.5%S requirement and in special areas the even stricter 0.1%S