G7 countries outline measures against marine litter

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During the G7 summit in Elmau at the start of June 2015, the G7 heads of state and government decided on a G7 action plan to combat marine litter and expressly committed themselves to concrete measures. Establishing practical measures were on the agenda of a workshop that brought together stakeholders and experts to commit to specific, targeted actions within four major marine debris themes:  land-based sources, sea-based sources, priority removal actions, and research/education/outreach.


HEC invests in state-of-the-art equipment and new treatment stations in Piraeus

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Our Euroshore member, Hellenic Environmental Centre, uses double bottom and double hull floating separators equipped with the most modern mechanical and electronic systems.


Antipollution Greece wins major clean-up project

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Antipollution Greece, another Euroshore member, has concluded a clean up project of the Highspeed 5 passenger vessel operated by Hellenic Seaways. In March the vessel suffered extensive damages at the hull and internal structures as a result of a fire incident during maintenance works. Antipollution removed the damaged structures, pumped out all liquid waste, and managed hazardous and non-hazardous waste which was created during the incident.


Istaç invests in new installation in Tuzla

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Istaç is a 100% public owned company, belonging to the City of Istanbul, serves the ports, shipyards, fishery ports and marinas in the province of Istanbul. The company operates a fleet of 16 ships, has a total waste collection capacity of 4,100m3, and serves about 35% of the 12,000 ships calling the port as well as about 2,000 ships passing the Turkish Streets and the Bosporus. About 175,000m3 of waste is yearly received of which 129,000m3 is oily waste.


The journey of microplastics

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Microplastics, tiny bits of plastic measuring 5 millimeters or less, are often the result of larger pieces of plastic breaking down on land before making it into the ocean.