12th October 2023
Hôtel Le Châtelain, rue du Châtelain 17, 1000 Brussels


Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

Dear Colleagues,

Port reception facilities contribute both to the preservation of the oceans and to the decarbonisation of the maritime industry. This makes them essential partners for the maritime sector.

This year, Euroshore International celebrates its 25th anniversary and takes the opportunity to welcome you and engage a dialogue during a one-day event to discuss how port reception facilities help more and more the shipping industry to reduce its environmental impact.

The IMO MARPOL Convention, celebrating this year its 50th anniversary, was created in reaction of major pollutions created by oil spill. Over the years IMO developed bans to discharge at sea to protect the environment and port reception facilities used to collect ships generated waste. Today, we face the emergency of preserving marine biodiversity and ecosystems and Euroshore International pleads for the application of a zero-discharge principle. To answer that principle, we need adequate port reception facilities to collect ship generated waste.

Over the years, many port reception facilities have moved from pure collectors to recyclers or waste recovering operators. By this mean they contribute to the decarbonisation of the shipping industry and became solution providers to shipowners and operators.

The event will be the opportunity to understand better the added value of port reception facilities for the maritime industry, what are the challenges they face and the solutions they propose to ports and shipowners to reduce their carbon impact.

We are looking forward to welcoming you very soon. Do not forget to register here.

Alvaro San Pedro

Sophie Delair
Secretary General