ECO OIL Portugal is part of a larger private group Quimitécnica.that comprises several companies active in hazardous waste and chemical distribution. Eco Oil, our Chairman’s company is located in Setubal, 40 km south of Lisbon. The plant is completely surrounded by seawater and should meet very strict treated wastewater discharge criteria.

Reception facility and tank cleaning

Eco Oil is the only hazardous waste facility in Portugal operating a maritime terminal for private use, where it receives MARPOL wastes, annexes 1 and 2. Eco Oil´s terminal has high tankage capacity and enables the reception of 5,000 m3 in a single operation (being the volume equivalent to two hundred tanker trucks) and has a 1,000 m3 of wastewater treatment capacity per day. The Eco Oil terminal is also the only unit accepted by customers with high safety standards such as Shell, and is a European reference for the reception of oily waste with flash point below the safety level of 65 ºC. Without restrains regarding the flash point and high reception capacity, the terminal is still sought internationally to perform tank cleaning, sludge discharge operations and cleaning holds of vessels.

Moreover, Eco Oil collects waste in other terminals in the ports of Setubal and Lisbon through mobile means.

The jetty is equipped with telescopic gangway to safe and easy access on board, and a 1,5 ton crane to hand the hoses. High capacity fire extinction equipment is equally  available.

Due to its characteristics, the terminal is ideal for cleaning and discharging sludge from tankers. Ships can remain in the terminal as long as needed to do the cleaning and discharge of sediments. The terminal offers hand labor (manpower) and all equipment necessary to perform the demucking operations. Eco Oil carries out a lot of jobs for tankers calling the shipyard Lisnave just next to the terminal.

Production of high quality oil

Eco Oil is able to produce a high quality oil, classified as a product that meets the specifications of a fuel oil nr 4 which is commercialised to the land-based industry.

With the start-up of the new units, incorporating technology with proven results in other sectors, Eco Oil can offer even better oil to its customers, with lower gaseous NOx and SOx emissions, resulting in a reduction of the cleaning interval of the burner filters and, as such, reducing the maintenance cost and enabling easy operation.

High quality satisfaction evaluation of 3.8 (out of 4) and fuel technology are the most important contributions to Eco Oil’s success.