The implementation of environment friendly dismantling of ships is another important issue.

The 2009 IMO Hong Kong Convention imposes clear and relevant requirements on shipowners, shipyards, and all other IMO parties. Pending the Convention entry into force, Europe published legislation in December 2013 with respect to ocean going vessels of at least 5000 GT. The Directive goes beyond the Convention, as it approved, by late 2016, an EU-approved list of ship recycling yards where vessels under European flags must be dismantled.The Commission also published technical guidelines stipulating criteria to be met and indicating that  “beaching” is not environment friendly.

Stakeholders, commenting some of these guidelines, complain about insufficient scrapping facilities in Europe to meet the annual demand for dismantling EU flagged ships. According to them, it would be better to constantly upgrade existing dismantling facilities in India or elsewhere in South East Asia. Six of such yards in India have been certified in accordance with the Hong Kong Convention. This means the this Convention can become an effective tool, although it has not yet legally entered into force.