After having been the driving force behind Euroshore for two years, Baudouin SKA, director at Febem-Fege and secretary general of Ferver, the European Federation of Glass Recyclers, steps down as chairman of Euroshore. As of May 26th, Nuno MATOS of Eco Oil Ltd. Portugal acts as the new chairman and Carlos CARDOSO of Nature Group Portugal is the new vice chairman. Cardoso is also in charge of the BREF review work group (Best Available Techniques Reference Document for Waste Treatment).

Nuno leads Eco-Oil as general manager since 2008. He held several management positions at Galp Energia, company in the natural gas business. Later, he founded and assumed the CEO role at a real estate management company and was commercial director of the De Viris company. Nuno holds a degree in technological chemistry from the University of Lisbon and two post grads in management.

Carlos, assumes responsibility for the overall commercial activities of Nature Group plc, provider of port reception facilities and waste treatment solutions for the oil, marine and process industries since 2008. For the past two years he has led Nature Portugal and will continue to do so. Carlos has worked in several positions with companies within the waste management industry. He holds a degree in chemical engineering.