The 2015 edition of the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) took place from the 21-29 November 2015. This initiative consists of multiple activities taking place around Europe that promote awareness about sustainable resource and waste management.

More than12.000 EWWR-actions were implemented in 33 countries during the last week of November 2015. These actions have been carried out to convince the general public, businesses, pupils and public authorities to reduce the 2.5 billion tonnes of waste that is generated each year by the countries of the European Union.

This year, the EWWR focused on dematerialization or how to do more with less. Dematerialization includes the idea of replacing products with services, as well as of improving the use of materials (through product reuse, substituting materials or by using fewer materials for a specific function). Solutions such as the sharing economy, services replacing products and improved materials are important for resource efficiency.