The definitive publication of last year’s figures show a substantial increase of the amounts of waste disposed by the ships in the Flemish ports in 2013. The figures concern the ports of Antwerp, Ghent and Zeebrugge.

6% more liquid waste

In 2013, FEBEM-members received and processed over 116.330 cubic meter oil containing waste water and about 56.000 cubic meter wash waters of ships in these three ports. This means almost a growth of about 6 %.

30% increase in mixed solid waste

As for the amounts of mixed solid waste, last year this flux has grown with 30 % (25.000 cubic meters). This is a remarkable result considering that - compared to 2012 - ship traffic in 2013 decreased with 5 %. This leads us to the conclusion that ships calling in the ports dispose more of their waste than before and leave the ports waste free.

Competitive waste disposal rates

The most important reasons are the competitive rates that the ships have to pay for disposing their waste in our ports compared to the competitors abroad. But also the level of the services provided by our members is an important added value. The FEBEM working group BELSHORE has an important role in the cooperation with OVAM and the Flemish ports.

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