A member of the international Aegean Group, Hellenic Environmental Center (H.E.C.) is one of the world’s largest companies in the field of liquid oily waste management. With its own fleet of tankers, tanker trucks and auxiliary equipment, H.E.C. delivers tailored, state-of-the art services across all three stages of oily waste management: collection, transportation and treatment of waste.

H.E.C. provides:

  • adequate port reception facilities for ship-generated oily waste according to the national and international legislation and based on the requirements set by the International MARPOL Convention 73/78;
  • integrated management services for special waste from offshore oil rigs, including the entire planning and direct collection of waste from the offshore facilities by the company’s own means, their transportation, treatment and final disposal;
  • specialised management services for oily waste produced in land industries and power plants.

Global service

The company’s headquarters are located in Piraeus, from where it manages the provision of its services all over the world. H.E.C. relies on its professionally trained and ecologically sensitive workforce, which combines scientific knowledge with working dexterity.

After radical restructuring in 2002 and significant investments in knowhow and material-technical infrastructure, the company not only meets, but also is ahead of the increasingly stricter requirements of the international environmental law.

Its complete service, knowhow, safety and quality driven company ethics laid the foundation for international prospects and customers.

Collection units

H.E.C. invested heavily in funds and research to achieve tailored, state-of-the art services across all three stages of oily waste management: collection, transportation and treatment of waste. To implement the tasks of waste collection and transportation, H.E.C. operates its own fleet of special tankers and trucks, as well as the necessary auxiliary equipment.

Special tanker fleet:

  • collection of ship-generated oily waste: tankers with capacity ranging from 500 to 3000 dwt;
  • direct collection of offshore oil rig waste: tankers with capacity from 30.000 dwt and above.

Tanker truck fleet:

  • tanker trucks for collection of ship-generated oily waste;
  • vacuum trucks for collection of heavy viscous substances.

Auxiliary equipment:

  • crane trucks;
  • portable temporary storage tanks;
  • heavy duty hydraulic and vacuum pumps which can pump high viscosity liquids.

Waste treatment units

Through its experience and gathering of specialists from all over the world, H.E.C. developed a unique, pioneering treatment process. It is based on a modular concept providing an outstanding flexibility and enabling it to adjust to any fluctuation of input quantities and quality, and comprising physical-chemical treatment and biological cleansing.

Its state-of-the art equipment is considered as the best available technology and best environmental practice as per European Union requirements. H.E.C. has created floating facilities in order to collect, store, treat and dispose all types of ship-generated oily waste, as well as oily waste produced from offshore activities and inland industries. H.E.C. also established adequate modern land facilities, located in the heart of the port area for receiving waste via road or sea.

H.E.C.’s treatment plants can treat any kind of oily waste from bilge waters and tank washings to very heavy emulsions and even low flash point (<61 ) waste. The company possesses the world’s biggest floating separator with a capacity of 100,000 dwt and the most modern land facilities in Europe. Its fully equipped labs can perform the most complex analysis to identify the nature of an effluent. In addition, the treatment units provide tank cleaning services with hot water and steam, as well as inert gas supply to every type of vessel.

The company has developed a cutting edge digital management system that ensures a reliable operation from a ship’s entrance into the port until its departure.

Quality and safety driven

Since its establishment, the company provides a safe working environment based on a very stringent internal safety code. This strict adherence to principle of safety for people and respect for the environment resulted in an official certification by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, confirming H.E.C. operates according to the standards of :

  • BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System;
  • BS EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System;
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

H.E.C. has been registered in the EMAS register of the Greek Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change. Both the company and its managed vessels are subject to the International Safety Management Code (ISM).


H.E.C. Headquarters
10, Akti Kondili
185 45 Piraeus
t: +30 210 4290280,
f: +30 210 4290286,
e-mail: info@hec.gr
website: www.hec.gr