Antipollution, a leading Greek port reception facility manager, specialises in ship-generated solid non-hazardous, and hazardous waste management, oil spill response and recycling and recovery. It provides its services around the clock in all major Greek ports. Antipollution’s vantage lies on its extensive experience and deep knowledge of both environmental and maritime regulations. The company, as an active member of EUROSHORE, is able to transfer the experience of fellow members into the Greek market.

Even though accidental marine pollution still attracts major attention, operational pollution by illegal discharges into the sea could be the main source of marine pollution by ships. Therefore, Antipollution offers an around the clock service and high quality processing standards, ensuring that every ship in every Greek port can deliver its waste with great assurance and without any undue delay.

  • Complete port reception facility services for ship-generated solid waste and cargo residues.
  • Development of waste reception and handling plan, along with any revision required.

Due to its continuous research for advanced technologies and its unique equipment, Antipollution offers complete solutions for the collection, transportation, treatment and final disposal of all kinds of waste, fully compliant with national and European legislation. The company presents all the appropriate licenses for the collection and transportation of non-hazardous solid waste.

Hazardous waste collection

Antipollution is authorised for managing hazardous waste, in compliance with current international, European and national legislation. It identifies packages, labels and transports of hazardous waste from the client to the installation of safe waste disposal. In addition to providing collection and disposal routes for your hazardous waste, the company also provides UN approved containers for waste storage and supports ships with the correct paper work for waste transfers. Antipollution also offers services of sea surface cleaning, therefore disposing of a fleet of 12 especially designed vessels.

Recycling and processing solid wastes

Antipollution’s mission is the utilisation of all different kinds of waste received in order to eliminate waste in landfills. The Antipollution Processing Center (APC) processes source separated recyclable materials, such as paper, plastic, metal, glass, wood, aluminum in its recycling sorting plant in Aspropyrgos, Attica..The materials are expected to be easily absorbed by the market due to their high purity. In line with its investment plans, the company participates in the construction and operation of recycling sorting plants all over Greece.

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