Spain is the country with the longest coastline in the European Union (8,000 Km.). In addition to its geographic location close to the axis of one of the most important sea routes in the world, it benefits as a strategic area in international sea transport and as a logistics platform for the South of Europe.

46 ports, 28 port authorities

The Spanish state port system is comprised of 46 ports of general interest managed by 28 Port Authorities, whose coordination and efficiency controls correspond to the State Port Authority, a body dependent on the Ministry of Public Works and assigned the implementation of the Government's port policy.

The importance of the ports as links in the logistics and transport chains is demonstrated by the following figures: they are passed by around 60% of exports and 85% of imports, representing 53% of foreign trade with the European Union and 96% with other countries.

Priority on environmental management

Environmental management, and particularly the introduction of environmental management systems, is a priority objective of Puertos del Estado. Several Port Authorities have already introduced environmental management systems in certain services and have published high-quality works on them, so there is a lot of initial information.

Waste fee system applicable in Spanish ports

Since august 2010, the ship waste reception (MARPOL Annexes I and V) is considered as a core port service, and is included in the vessel fees to the Port Authorities, whatever the amount delivered, in the 7 first days of scale. In 2011, approximately 350.000 tonnes of MARPOL I (hydrocarbons) and 300.000 tonnes of MARPOL V (garbage) were collected from vessels at the Spanish Ports under the port fees.

This Spanish port tax provides a fixed rate depending on the gross tonnage of vessel, which includes the ship waste reception, in these conditions:

  • Entitles to deliver waste MARPOL Annexes I and V for 7 days, whatever the amount delivered.
  • Any other type of waste delivered (e.g. slops, grey/black waters, etc.), or delivered after the period of 7 days of scale, is paid directly to the company providing the service.
  • 25% surcharge if the waste collection, both Annex I and the Annex V, are carried by sea.

Rate discounts

There are 3 types of discount on fixed rate, based on Maritime Administration certification:

  • 20% discount: vessel generates small amounts of waste -due to ship's environmental management, design, etc.
  • 50% discount: vessels does not download Marpol I. Delivery and payment in last port and capacity guarantee until the next port.
  • Short delivery discount: for regular traffic with short delivery schedule, percentage is calculated according to the following formula: (100x (1-.30 / (n-1)). In this formula ‘n’ stands for the average number of different ports of the maritime service per week.

Discount 1/3 of the above if the collection plan is only Marpol V.

Discount 2/3 of the above if the collection plan is only Marpol I.

More information: www.puertos.es