A worldwide e-services platform to standardize and ease ship waste management. Ship Waste Agency® SWANET® is the first co-operative eco-responsibility platform, aiming to ease waste management. All operators involved in waste process will be able to work together on the same tool/platform.

Products & Services: SWANET® PLATFORM

A worldwide e-services platform to standardize and ease ship waste management. Ship Waste Agency® SWANET® is the first co-operative eco-responsibility platform, aiming to ease waste management. All operators involved in waste process will be able to work together on the same tool/platform.

The SWANET®-platform, consists of an onboard tool (SWABOARD®) and an ashore solution (SWASHORE®). This solution allows you to issue electronic waste management documents such as Advance Notification Form (ANF), Waste Unloading Request (WUR) or Waste Delivery Receipt (WDR). Waste data and e-documents are issued either from the embarked solution (SWABOARD® on the vessel) or the ashore platform (SWASHORE® at the ship agent), thus allowing all its users/stakeholders to work together using the same language, units, and data.

SWANET®: document, manage, track & trace ship waste

For the first time ever, users/stakeholders with the ship owner/ship manager will have access to the full waste data – from ship to disposal or treatment – as well as comprehensive reports that measure a ship’s or fleet’s waste, trends and cost. Through a secure data transfer and pre-set access rights users/stakeholders are able to issue documents, and validate their participation to the waste discharging operation. With SWANET® it is now possible to follow and fully trace waste – from its generation to its final treatment.

SWABOARD®: onboard software for total waste management

SWABOARD® is the ship onboard waste management software that creates, records and transfers ashore electronic shipboard waste management data and documents.

It consists of a small 60Mo program easily installed on the shipboard computer with a USB key.

  • Extensive database This embarked application includes a large database of information: all ports and terminals of the world, the different IMO Marpol Annex and EU Categories, and more than 20 000 different waste components. It allows the shipmaster to describe waste easily and quickly, generate all the required information and documentation in accordance with the regulations, and dispatch these to the ashore users/stakeholders. The person in charge of the vessel’s waste will also be able to give more waste details such as waste composition (component percentage), the waste flash point or specify if wastes are or not segregated on board or recyclable.
  • Electronic reporting tool. Through the On Board Waste Management Tool (OBWM), SWABOARD® allows the shipmaster to record all the onboard waste operations of the vessel such as the storage of generated waste, the waste to be discharge, treated on board, rejected at sea or incinerated. He will easily add details such as date, time, coordinates, speed, type of waste tank, waste type, process used, output location of potential residual process treatment in accordance with Marpol Convention. This tool will provide an electronic report which will facilitate the filling of the log book.
  • Electronic logbook. Electronic Oil record Book and Garbage Record book are also part of SWABOARD. Using this electronic logbook helps ship's officers, shore management and the authorities with future paperless validation and cooperative data transfer (including automatic ashore backup).

SWASHORE®: collaborative platform

All the on board recorded data from the SWABOARD® will be automatically synchronized to the SWASHORE®-database through an internet connection or email in SMTP mode. To ease the flow of data, and avoid communication costs, the data files sent do not exceed 100Kb. SWASHORE® provides a web based collaborative platform where local users/stakeholders can access and manage waste information or documentation which is automatically generated.

  • Issue of waste data information Before the vessel’s arrival, authorized ship agents, port authorities or waste collectors receive all relevant waste data information.
  • Forms & documents. SWASHORE® also issues all required documents: such as Ship’s Waste Notification forms, Waste Unloading Request or the Ship Waste delivery Receipt filled by the waste collector after the discharge operation.
  • Validation tool. At the end of the unloading process, as a cooperative platform designed to promote quality and transparency, all the involved SWANET members will participate to the validation/approval of the final Waste Delivery Receipt issued during the call.

All forms issued through the SWANET platform are unique electronic documents that can be accessed from anywhere in the world according to some specific rules.

Strategic analysis tool

SWANET® provides the ship owner and ship manager a powerful tool to define a mid or long term waste management strategy. Through a dedicated dashboard, the platform allows the manager from the head office to have a complete fleet overview of running operations. Via our Port Reception Facilities Portal, vessel’s side operators can access an updated description of PRF’s available within port of the worlds, including the tools and equipment which are being provided, their cost and their schedules.

Blue Washing® as CSR tool

Blue Washing® supports your Corporate Social Responsibility by taking a direct action and assisting the direction of solutions. Take a positive CSR action by sponsoring Ports, Agents, and Waste collectors with licenses of the SWANET-platform. Sponsor your customer’s vessels to be part of the platform creating a complete traceable and transparent waste management process, and by doing so have the ability to give back to the areas where they conduct business in a meaningful way.

ISO 14001 compliance

Finally, for an environmental point of view, the different users will be able to show their corporate social responsibility through the validation of these documents. The aim is to guarantee that generated waste ends up in an adequate treatment center in order to allow ship manager to comply with ISO 14001 standards given a 100% traceability of maritime wastes.

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