Organisers: EUROSHORE, FEBEM-FEGE, supported by OVAM


There is unquestionable evidence that waste from ships has become worldwide a serious environmental, economic, health and aesthetic problem. While travelling widely with ocean currents and winds, marine litter items stay active for decades and harm the environment, directly and indirectly. Ship generated waste is also found in horrendous quantities on the bottom of the sea, where it kills and injures out of sight.

Not only sea life is affected by marine waste. Waste from ships also entails economic costs and losses to, among others, fisher men and coastal communities. Consequently, there is an urgent need for proper handling of ship-generated waste, so that the economy as well as the environment can benefit from it.

The conference would like to discuss potential developments in legislation, in particular the MARPOL 73-78 convention and the EU directive 2000/59. Legislators, waste contractors, shipping industry, port authorities and NGO's will explain and propose solutions.

The conference presentations can be downloaded by clicking on the items below: