ECOSLOPS first oil waste procession plant operational in fall 2014

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Pollution in the world’s seas poses a significant threat to marine life and is recognized as one of the global community’s most pressing environmental concerns. Ecoslops Portugal SA offers a reliable, comprehensive service for the collection, storage and treatment of oily waste generated by all ships calling at the port of Sines. ECOSLOPS SA is currently finalizing the construction of a plant in the Oil Terminal of the port of Sines in Portugal that takes oil waste control one step further.


New EU regulation on Ship Recycling published

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On the 10th of December 2013, the EU has published in the Official Journal the new 1257/2013 Regulation on Ship Recycling, based on the Hong Kong Convention which the IMO adopted in 2009.


Reduction of marine litter - Stern EU legislation on global waste issues more urgent than ever

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Our seas and oceans are increasingly becoming the waste dump of the planet. Plastics, mostly packaging waste, are the key component of marine litter. It floats in huge quantities on the sea surface before it sinks to the seabed or degrades into micro plastics. Manufactured or processed solid materials such as glass and metals are transported into the marine environment from land – by rivers, draining or sewage systems or winds. Man-made litter contaminates marine habitats worldwide and fills coastlines with waste and debris, posing environmental, economic, and health problems.


Portugal – on the road to privatization

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With its favourable strategic location close to the main sea trade routes, it's no wonder Portugal can boast a rich naval and maritime history.