From marine waste to eco-friendly soap containers

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Sustainable soap factory signs an agreement with fishermen to catch the plastic that pollute the sea and reuse it for new packaging. A success in France and Belgium, the marine waste fishing project could be exported to Denmark.


Strong increase of amounts ship waste in Flemish ports (2013)

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The definitive publication of last year’s figures show a substantial increase of the amounts of waste disposed by the ships in the Flemish ports in 2013. The figures concern the ports of Antwerp, Ghent and Zeebrugge.


New Year wishes

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2014 was a transitional year. Although volumes in ports were picking up, the overall maritime business climate is still slacking. We noticed shipping lines have started to consolidate and/or collaborate to reduce costs and optimize their vessel size on certain trade lanes. But, though charter prices increased modestly, experts do not predict a significant growth of volumes in this year.


Port profile: Focus on France ​

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Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the English Channel and the North Sea, France is perfectly placed for access to and from Western Europe and beyond. With its dedicated army of employees, the French ports can be relied upon to move 250 MT of goods and resources a year. Inland waterways and extensive road and rail logistics networks make certain everything gets to where it needs to go.


Member profile: SERMAP International

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Based in Marseilles-Fos, SERMAP specialises in the collection, transport, recycling and treatment of industrial waste products and liquid residues from cargo and shipping vessels. With their own vacuum trucks, tank trucks and a barge, they have been responding to the needs of calling ships and shipping agents for more than fifteen years.