A European subvention to support your project idea? The Port of Antwerp wants to help you

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European subvention programs offer opportunities for companies linked to the port of Antwerp. These programs are not always well known and are often considered as quite complex.


Different regulations on Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

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Scrubbers are a hot item in the European Sustainable Shipping Forum discussions. However, the difference in implementation between international (UN) and the United States needs more attention.


Latest news on the Port Waste Reception directive (EC/2000/59)

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The waste notification has been aligned with MARPOL Annex 5 via secondary legislation and the European Parliament has accepted the changes on 15 September 2015. Once published in the European Journal, the new revised Annex 5 (?) will enter into force in12 months and 20 days, i.e. on 1 January 2017.


nvironmentally-minded shipping companies are constructing hybrid transport ships

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Getting a fully-loaded cargo ship across an entire ocean requires enormous amounts of energy—usually derived from pollutant-rich diesel fuel. But environmentally-minded shipping companies have started bucking that convention and instead have begun the construction of hybrid containerships or LNG transport vessels that run primarily on cleaner burning liquified natural gas.


Mauro Palmiero, founding member of Euroshore, passed away

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Mauro Palmiero, national president of ANSEP-UNITAM, the National Italian Association of companies carrying out environmental services in ports and harbours and the protection of the marine environment, passed away on June 22.