Euroshore evaluates port reception facilities directive after 10 years and gives 5 ideas for its upgrade

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EUROSHORE fully supports the initiative of the European Commission to revise and update the EU Directive 2000/59/EC dealing with port reception facilities for ship generated waste and cargo residues. After more than 10 years of implementation, it is the appropriate time for evaluation and further harmonization.


Navi ship Jules Verne to be dismantled in Belgium

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The French navy ship Jules Verne will be dismantled in Ghent, Belgium, being an EU approved yard and falling under the Hong Kong Convention.


50% of world scrubbers are used by Norwegian shipowners

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Clarkson Research Services have revealed that fifty percent of the world’s fleet currently using scrubber technology are Norwegian owned vessels. Forty-one percent of the order book is made up by ‘other’ European owners.


New chairman and vice chairman for Euroshore

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After having been the driving force behind Euroshore for two years, Baudouin SKA, director at Febem-Fege and secretary general of Ferver, the European Federation of Glass Recyclers, steps down as chairman of Euroshore. As of May 26th, Nuno MATOS of Eco Oil Ltd. Portugal acts as the new chairman and Carlos CARDOSO of Nature Group Portugal is the new vice chairman. Cardoso is also in charge of the BREF review work group (Best Available Techniques Reference Document for Waste Treatment).


Water purification systems research for estimating micro plastics in rivers

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Recent research from the University of Ghent, Belgium, has demonstrated there is a large variability in micro plastics removal by water purification systems, which made it conclude that the Scheldt river contains a lot of micro plastics.